MOKSACVPR Annual Conference:
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Friday, April 17th and Saturday, April 18th
Until April 1st the Cost is: 
$100 Members: 
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$130 Non-Members
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After April 1st the Cost is:
$130 Members
$160 Non-Members

This is the message MOKSACVPR received from its website builder, Pleth, LLC.

“Last week we were alerted about a potential threat to any website we host that contains an SSL. In order to prevent any attacks we had to install a patch on all of our servers to improve security for sites including an SSL certificate. Unfortunately, this patch affected the usability of these sites on older browsers. This patch was not an optional addition. We had to install it to keep the sites safe. The issues you and other users have been experiencing are due to the usability issues on the older browsers.

To avoid these issues you will just need to update your browser and access the site from the new browser.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.”

“For any browser that needs to be up-dated the user would need to go to the corresponding website.
For example, to update Firefox, go to
There is a fairly simple step by step process the user would go through on that website.
These companies are pretty good at making the process easy to follow for all its users.”

President of MOKSACVPR, Leann Dickson, presenting Boston Market Gift Cards (valued at $500)
to the Union City Mission, Kansas City. 


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