June 16th, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting

June 16, 2020


  • Carolyn Beard, Amy Choitz, Debbie Dorshorst, Sharon Little-Stoetzel, Tedd Walsh, Sonny McNeilis, and Cassandra Stafford.


  • Tricia Walsh, Tiffanie Holman, and Sandy Abbott


Meeting called to order at 0700 by Carolyn Beard

Approval of Minutes:  Carolyn will email the May minutes, please vote and return to her.


Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer’s Report–Tedd Walsh
  • Financial Report:  
    • Conference Refund Progress
      • Check payments have been refunded
      • Please see attached financials
  • Insurance
    • Checked insurance to see about reclaiming printing costs.  Deductible is $500.
    • Could we claim loss of income from conference? Would not be enough to bother with.
  • Education – Tedd Walsh (Sandy unable to attend)
  • Are currently in a holding pattern due to COVID
  • 2020 speakers are agreeable to speak in 2021
  • Next year’s conference 4/23&24/21
  • Hilton and Graceland are confirmed
  • Have one new applicant: Dr. Stephanie Gerlach, Assistant Professor Health,  at MO. Western
  • All who are not automatically on Education Committee please go to moksacvpr.org, Under the “About”, click on Volunteer application and fill it out.
  • Recommend 8-12 on the committee
  • Debbie Dorshorst who is on the National Ed. Committee reported that AACVPR is going to offer a Webinar this summer.
  • Standards & Issues – Sonny McNeilis and Debbie Dorshorst
    • Currently on hold also due to COVID, 
    • Karen Lui had sent out some information about DOH follow up but that is on hold as well
    • Debbie will reach out to Sonny if anything comes up and if they are to f/u with congressman, she will walk Sonny through that process.
  • Communications – Cassandra Stafford
    • Sent out an email to remind and invite all members to renew their membership
    • Received a few emails to update their contact info. 
    • Tedd will send Cassandra the Constant Contact ID and password to do that
    • Members need to contact AACVPR to change their emails and names, etc.
    • Cassandra will post a “Have a safe 4th of July” on Facebook.
  • Certification – Carolyn
    • Initial certifications have been reviewed; waiting until August for the remediation process.
    • Questions about this year’s process → waiting to hear what changes and exceptions will be made due to COVID and program closures.


  • Summer Conference will not be held, Carolyn will email Susi Mathis.

Board meeting:  July21, 2020 at 7am

Education meeting:  July 7, 2020 at 7AM

Minutes submitted by Carolyn Beard