Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Application and Eligibility

Application for booth space must be made on the form provided by MOKSACVPR, contain the information as requested, and executed by an individual who has the authority to act for the applicant.

Terms of Payment

Space will not be held without a completed application. No booths will be guaranteed until MOKSACVPR receives full payment of the total booth fee. If full payment is not received by March 8, 2024, MOKSACVPR will have the right to re-sell the assigned booth space. This contract is binding and payment is expected, refunds will not be provided for cancellations.

Installation and Dismantling

Exhibitors may install their booths after 5pm on April 5, 2024.   Exhibitors must be installed before 7:30 am on Saturday,

April 6, 2024.  Exhibits must be dismantled by 5pm on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

Liability for Damages or Loss of Property and Insuring Exhibits

Each Exhibitor agrees to be responsible for its own property through insurance or self-insurance, and shall hold MOKSACVPR harmless from any damage caused by theft and other perils normally covered by fire, casualty or other coverage policies. The Exhibitor and its representative release and hold harmless MOKSACVPR from any and all costs, expenses, and liabilities for personal injury, damage to business or property, or damage of any other kind, including claims by third parties, arising from any cause whatever in connection with this contract and exhibit.

Logos / Promotional Activities

Logos need to be submitted to [email protected] .  Advertising, solicitation of business, conferences in the interest of business, etc. are permitted at the MOKSACVPR annual conference only by firms that have engaged from MOKSACVPR space to exhibit, and then only in the space assigned unless otherwise contracted. Exhibitors with sound equipment shall keep volume at reasonable levels that will not intrude upon other exhibitors’ activities.

Booth Activities

The assignment of subletting of any part or all of the exhibit space is not permissible. Exhibits should be constructed so that no copy appears higher than eight feet from the floor and no structure exceeds a height of eight total feet. Exhibits should not project beyond space allotted. They should not obstruct the view or interfere with traffic to exhibit of others. No part of any exhibit and no signs should be pasted, nailed or otherwise affixed to wall, doors, etc. Any and all damages, losses, expenses, and/or costs (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) resulting from failure to observe this notice shall be payable by the exhibitor. The exhibitor agrees not to use any displays that MOKSACVPR  determines, in its absolute discretion, will: unreasonably endanger the person or property of the attendees or of the exhibitors, are in bad taste, are liable to discredit or subject MOKSACVPR  to criticism or legal liability, or that violate the booth regulations or any other part of this contract. The exhibitor hereby waives any claim of refund of the exhibit booth fee or other damages out of booth termination or exhibit removal. Booth space will be assigned by MOKSACVPR and exhibitors must use only the booth assigned to them and may not use another exhibitor’s booth or change the booth location without prior approval of MOKSACVPR.

Failure to Occupy Space

Any space that is not occupied by 7:30 am on April 5, 2024 shall be forfeited by the exhibitor, and space may be resold, reassigned, or used by MOKSACVPR without refund, unless a request for delayed occupancy has received prior approval by MOKSACVPR.

Shipping Instructions

Exhibitors will make arrangements on their own for shipping of their merchandise and payment of any additional charges incurred by the exhibitor in connection with their exhibit.

Fire and Safety Regulations

All fire extinguishing equipment shall be maintained in plain sight, unobstructed and available for use at all times. Fire exits may not be blocked. The exhibitor shall ensure that construction of the exhibit is substantial and fixed in position for the duration of the meeting so that it does not present a danger to any person or property.


The exhibitor expressly agrees to be bound by all the terms, conditions and specifications herein listed, and by the rules and regulations established by MOKSACVPR, and expressly agrees that this contract and such rules and regulations contain the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersedes any prior agreement, written or oral. This contract shall be interpreted under the law of the United States and the State of Missouri.