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August 18th, Board Meeting Minutes

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting

August 18, 2020


  • Carolyn Beard, Amy Choitz, , Tedd Walsh, Tricia Walsh , Sonny McNeilis, Cassandra Strafford, Sharon Little-Stotzel, and Sandy Abbott


  • Tiffanie Holman


Meeting called to order at 0700 by Carolyn Beard

July minutes sent via email—approved unanimously


  • AACVPR Communication:  Considerations for the reimbursement on Non-center Based Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab services during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.   Sonny reported sending several letters to congressional representatives and encouraging staff to do the same.  Rep. Jason Smith from the MO Boot heel area is on board; supports rural health.   Cassandra sent out communication about this.   Tricia commented that AACVPR warned to proceed with caution if you are adding a new rehab outside of the hospital ground.
  • Annual AACVPR National meeting registration is open.

Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer’s Report–Tricia Walsh
  • Financial Report:  
    • was sent via email
    • Routine monthly transactions only
    • Liability insurance will be coming out
    • Received a COVID-19 credit for past few months for bank charge for not keeping deposit at a certain level.
    • Tricia offered if anyone would like the chance to review the books, please ask.
  • Education—Tedd Walsh / Sandy Abbott
    • Welcome letters to the 2 new applicants for Education Committee—Seth Donaldson and Stephanie Gerlach
    • No August meeting this month; will meet in September and will be the first Tuesday of the month.  Sept. 1, 2020
  • Standards and Issues—Sonny McNeilis / Debbie Dorshorst
    • Write letters to congressmen for support of bill (to keep reimbursement the same for new outlying CR clinics)
    • See Sonny’s report above.
  • Communications—Cassandra Stafford
    • Encourage members to write letter (as stated above)
    • Updated Constant Contact
    • Will send a communication about open registration for the National Conference.
  • Certification—Carolyn Beard
    • Remediation ongoing, reported the 2020 certification numbers.
    • Reminded everyone that if you disagree with a review, never hesitate to ask questions.


Board meeting:  Sept.15, 2020 at 7am

Education meeting:  Sept. 1, 2020 at 7am

Minutes submitted by Carolyn Beard