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April 9, 2015 Board Meeting

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting


April 9, 2015

Board Members:

Present:  Leann Dickson, Debbie Dorshorst, Jan, Foresman, Carol Frazee, Amy Choitz, Susan Hansen, Debbie Hilton, Carolyn Beard, Chuck Kitchen, Snizhana Hostyanska, Val Kirby


  • Meeting called to order at 7:05 a.m. by President Leann Dickson


  • Approval of March 2015 meeting minutes-approved as submitted
  • Treasurer’s Report(Susan Hansen) – approved as submitted
    • Susan request face to face meeting with Trish Walsh (incoming Treasurer), requesting travel expenses for Susan Hansen and Carol Frazee (previous Treasurer).  Motion made to approve and 2nd.  Susan H. will set up meeting.
      • Discussion topics Quick Books
      • Transition from old bank to Bank of America
    • Rescission documents accepted by State of Missouri 3/23, 2015, we are now in good standing, laps has been erased. 
    • New account open at Bank of America.  We will transfer to Trish Walsh and will need to establish all signers, suggest immediate past President, current President and current Treasurer
    • Debbie Dorshorst will bring checkbook to conference and LeAnn will write need check for conference expenses

Committee Reports:

        Education – Chuck and Debbie:

  • Debbie H. making table tents for vendors
  • All speakers are set, slides are coming in
  • Have updated count for food, 113 registered, includes 12 board members
  • Suggested for next year to add a clause regarding refunds for conference
  • Leann and Chuck will fill Education committee for next year

       Website –Carol

  • All PowerPoint presentations for conference are on the website
  • Will add discussion of current website to next year’s strategic planning meeting

        Newsletter – Jan

  • Will send web blast to make attendees aware of availability of conference PowerPoint presentations
  • Jan will be vacating the position of “Newsletter Editor”  Snizhana has agreed to fill the open position


        Standards & Issues – Val

  • We did not get on the physician fee fix, issues with GRQ consulting and Phil Port.

        Certification –Debbie (with information from Carolyn Beard from AACVPR Certification Meeting in Denver, CO)

  • In the middle of certification review cycle
  • Programs that are submitting ITP EHR are failing to meet all required criteria.  Suggest as a topic for next year’s conference.             

        Membership – Carolyn

  • Membership open next year


       Nominations – Amy

  • Trish Walsh-Treasurer

Snizhana Hostyanska-Missouri Member at Large

Amy Choitz-President elect-Amy will make a handout with open board positions and present at conference

Old Business   

  • No reports

New Business –

  • CCRP has been approved by ACNN
  • Questions about whether Friday’s night speaker will be attending, if not we will fill with Joint Affiliate discussion (LeAnn will attempt to contact speaker, Viola Herbert through Abbott) 

Adjourn: 8:03 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Debbie Dorshorst