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March 12, 2015 Board Meeting

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting


March 12, 2015

Board Members:

Present:  Leann Dickson, Debbie Dorshorst, Jan, Foresman, Carol Frazee, Amy Choitz, Susan Hansen, Debbie Hilton, Carolyn Beard, Chuck Kitchen, Snizhana Hostyanska


  • Meeting called to order at 7:00 a.m. by President Leann Dickson


  • Approval of February 2015 meeting minutes-approved as submitted
  • Treasurer’s Report (Susan Hansen) –No changes or updates.  Susan has a scheduled phone meeting today with Tricia Walsh candidate for MOKS Treasurer.  Debbie Dorshorst and Carol Frazee will be on the call.
  • Committee Reports:

        Education – Chuck:

  • Will distribute list to MOKS members for assigned duties for conference
  • Still waiting on CEU’s
  • 50 persons registered (with board members)
  • Vendor list complete-premium vendors will be placed in prime locations; non-paying vendors will be in the lunchroom. 
  • AACVPR will send 2 representatives to discuss joint affiliation.  We will add 30 minutes to the end of the meeting, ending at 1630
  • 18 scheduled to sit the CCRP exam

       Website –Carol

  • No new changes, will reexamine after joint affiliation becomes active

        Newsletter – Jan

  • Much confusion about membership/contact list.  Will hold off on e-mails to the list until after the conference.


        Standards & Issues – Val

  • Great DOTH
    • Congresswoman Jen Kerns is sponsoring a Hours companion bill to change Cardiopulmonary supervision
    • Senator Moran is sponsoring a bill that could potentially hurt the profession (believe he just is misunderstanding what the bill would do to us, ongoing conversations)
    • Will order shirts for new members

        Certification –Debbie

  • Programs in the certification process now will be notified by 8/31/15 of their status

        Membership – Carolyn

  • Members are being added


       Nominations – Amy

  • Treasurer-Susan H. in contact with Tricia
  • President elect-Amy Choitz
  • MO member at large-Debbie Hilton will reach out to Carolina Sheerer (St. Robert)  and Juli Fenton (Aurora/Cassville)
  • KS member at large-open due to Amy accepting President-elect

Old Business   

  • Andrew will be send letters to past/former members

New Business –

  • Val is unable to proctor for the CCRP exam during the conference.  Proctors will be Carol Frazee, Jan Foresman, and Snizhana Hostyanska
  • Jan will order food from Jack Stack for the board dinner, Debbie H. will pick up

Adjourn: 7:55 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Debbie Dorshorst