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February 12, 2015 Board Meeting

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting


February 12, 2015

Board Members:

Present:  Leann Dickson, Debbie Dorshorst, Jan, Foresman, Carol Frazee, Amy Choitz, Susan Hansen, Debbie Hilton, Carolyn Beard, Chuck Kitchen, Snizhana Hostyanska


  • Meeting called to order at 7:03 a.m. by President Leann Dickson


  • Approval of January 2015 meeting minutes-approved as submitted

Treasurer’s Report- Susan

  • Susan extended Kudos to Jan for help on the information gathering/compilation for tax clearance form, SH will send all information gathered to the State
  • 2014 Taxes filled, address is Carolyn Beard’s
  • 2014 Budget sent as draft

Committee Reports:

        Education – Chuck and Debbie:

  • All speakers have confirmed, sill need travel information and hotel registration
  • This year’s basket raffle will go to Lungvity, Leann will check to see if a representative will be at meeting
  • Most Vendors have paid, Susan Hansen (Treasurer) has complete list
  • Several vendors from past conferences have not responded, we will remove from vendor list, Mended Hearts, Pitkin
  • Chuck will make a slide presentation for April conference that highlights the importance of programs sending data information 
  • Waiting to hear back from AACVPR regarding representative attending conference to discuss Joint Affiliation
  • The board agreed that if a room is available food will be ordered from Jack Stacks for MOKSACVPR board meeting in April

       Website –Carol

  • Updated for CCRP exam 

        Newsletter – Jan

  • Will send reminder regarding conference and CCRP exam
  • Have hear back from ¾ of programs, will drop names of programs from websites who have not responded to the request to update program information


        Standards & Issues – Val

  • Not on call
  • Val and Amy to attend DOTH

        Certification –Debbie

  • Deadline for 2015 program certification 2/28/15
  • Certification reviewer training March 2 and 5


        Membership – Carolyn

  • Current membership 143, membership list sent to Andrew
  • Most of the board have registered for conference, if you have not please do so


       Nominations – Amy

  • Positions that will be open 2015-Treasurer, and Member at large
  • Susan Hansen will conference call with likely candidates for treasure to discuss responsibilities of position, any other board members are invited to join in on this call

Old Business   

  • AACVPR Contract for Joint Affiliate, will change from 2 to 1 year review and will contract will renew automatically
  • The Strategic Meeting was very successful; the board will plan a yearly Strategic Meeting going forward.  During this planned meeting we will review the AACVPR Joint Contract and Bylaws

New Business – Debbie Hilton is updating bylaws

Adjourn: 7:50 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Debbie Dorshorst