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August 16th, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting

August 16, 2022


  • Present: Sandy Abbott, Karen Ashworth, Carolyn Beard, Amy Choitz, Stephanie Gerlach, Tiffanie Holman, Sonny McNeilis, Tedd Walsh, Tricia Walsh


  • Meeting called to order at 0700 by Tedd Walsh
  • July meeting minutes sent via email. 
    • Amy made motion to approve. Approved unanimously

New Business:

  • Board Member introduction
    • Karen Ashworth from Manhattan, KS will be new KS Member at Large
  • Strategic Planning
    • Fall Socials
      • Areas: Hays KS area, Kansas City, Springfield, Jefferson City
      • Email sent out inquiring about other areas (St Louis, Wichita) 
  • AACVPR Annual Meeting
    • September 21-23, West Palm Beach, FL
    • Tedd, Tricia and Sandy attending
    • Send out email / Facebook to see if any other MOKS members are attending.  If so, plan social meeting
    • Scope out speakers that are close to our area for possibility of speaking at annual conference

Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer’s ReportTricia Walsh
  • Account statements sent via email
  • Transactions: AACVPR National Conference expenses
  • Raffle money from annual conference will be deposited and check sent to COPD Foundation
  • What does our Joint Affiliate contract say? Is it a percentage or dollar amount? Carolyn will look into
  • Education—Sandy Abbott
    • Fall Socials
    • 2023 Conference prep started
  • Standards and Issues—Sonny McNeilis 
    • Current Bills
      • H.R. 3348 (off campus departments) now has 36 sponsors
      • H.R. 1956 (NP supervision) now has 60 sponsors
  • Communications—Stephanie Gerlach
    • Constant Contact sent regarding Fall Socials
    • Stephanie received an email from the KS Beef Council requesting to purchase our member list in exchange for 12 of 20 recipe videos.  Stephanie sent email to board members for review and will discuss at September meeting
  • Website—Amy Choitz 
    • Will update board members list
  • Nominations—Tricia Walsh
    • New committee members accepted 
  • Yolanda Salas—education committee
  • Susan Brawner—possibly help with DOTH for KS
  • Karen Ashworth—KS Member at Large
  • Past President: Amy Choitz
  • President (2022): Tedd Walsh
  • President Elect (2023): Tricia Walsh
  • Secretary (2022-2024): Tiffanie Holman
  • Treasurer (2023): Amy Choitz
  • Mo Member at Large (2021-2023): Sonny McNeilis
  • KS Member at Large (2022-2024): Karen Ashworth 
  • Standards & Issues: Sonny McNeilis / Susan Brawner (?)
  • Program Certification: Carolyn Beard
  • Education Chairs: Sandy Abbott
  • Nominations: Tricia Walsh
  • Communications: Stephanie Gerlach 
  • Website Coordinators: Amy Choitz 
  • Certification—Carolyn Beard
    • Remediation in process until September 12. 
  • Value Based Care—Tedd Walsh
    • Presentation at National Conference on “Session in a Box”

Old Business:

  • No old business at this time

Board meeting:  September 20, 2022 at 0700

Education meeting:  September 6, 2022 at 0700

Minutes submitted by Tiffanie Holman