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February 12, 2016 Board Meeting

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting/Strategic Planning Meeting


February 12, 2016

Board Members:

Present:  Carolyn Beard, Debbie Dorshorst, Amy Choitz, Snizhana Hostyanska, Tedd Walsh, Tricia Walsh


  • Meeting called to order at 10:35 a.m. by President Carolyn Beard


  • Approval of January 2016 meeting minutes-approved as submitted
  • Treasurer’s Report(Tricia) – approved as submitted
    • Taxes have been done on line, 990 N Tax For Filled out
    • W-9 done by Carolyn
    • Carolyn will submit certification of non-profit status to State of Missouri
    • Will keep a list of members who have paid on line or by check

Committee Reports:

        Education – Tedd:

  • Spring Conference
  • Brochure mostly done, out next week
  • Working on CEU application
  • Board members present approved moving to 2 breakout sessions
  • Board member present voted to approve “Hope House” to receive the proceeds for this year’s raffle basket 
  • Members present approved table and chair rental form Creative Carnivals and Entertainment to be delivered and picked up
  • Tricia and Amy will check on table clothes from their hospitals to avoid additional rental
  • Carolyn and Tricia will bring easels
  • All will bring laser pointers (if you have access to )
  • Tedd will work on parking signs
  • Tedd will look into design and purchase of a banner that can be used this year and in upcoming years for our registration table
  • Tedd will play “Master of Ceremonies”, to help keep the program moving and provide important announcements
  • Board members present approved a “Meet and Greet” at 4/15 Friday night 6:00 pm, prior to Karen Lui and Janie Knipper’s talk.  Tedd, Snizhana will check on wine, cheese and crackers for refreshments.

       Communications –Snizhana

  • Web blast will be sent out in June –reminder about Joint Affiliation
  • Snizhana will send out a link via a Web blast (Survey Monkey link) to programs for Phase 2 of finding the “n”


        Standards & Issues – Val

  • Not in attendance at this meeting and will be unable to attend DOH
  • Debbie Dorshorst (Missouri) and Leann Dickson (Kansas) will attend


  • Carolyn will bring applications to the Spring Conference for those interested in serving on the board
  • Amy will contact-Kathy Weaver about interest in Education committee. 
  • 2016-2017 Board
    • Amy Choitz- President
    • Tedd Walsh -President Elect
    • Carolyn Beard-Past President
    • Tricia Walsh-Treasurer
    • Tiffanie Holman –Secretary
    • Val Kirby-Standards and Issues
    • Education-Tedd Walsh/Carolyn Beard
    • Communications/Website-Snizhana Hostyanska
    • Certification-Carolyn Beard
    • Missouri Member at Large- Snizhana Hostyanska
    • Kansas Member at Large- OPEN

        Certification –Carolyn

  • Nothing to report at this time
    • ITP upcoming changes, board members present in agreement summer conference topic “ITP”, Carolyn will contact Mark stout or Bob Brown as possible presenters, will announce in April at Spring conference

New Business

  • Amy to attend AACVPR Leadership meeting June 25-26 in Chicago
  • Board members present agreed to wait until 2017 to apply for Outstanding Affiliate
  • Pleth-Website-Members present agreed to proceed with investigation of changing websites, phone conference call with Andrew he will send us information about website developers that have a relationship with AACVPR –more to come on this topic    
  • Bylaws updated in 2016 will review and update every 2 years
  • Board members to e-mail member of the year nominations to Amy, past member of the year winners; Christy Baldwin, Debbie Hilton, Carolyn Beard, Jan Foresman, Val Kirby, Carol Frazee. 

Old Business

  • D & O and General Liability Insurance has been purchased, we have received a $500 check from AACVPR


Adjourn: 1445 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Debbie Dorshorst