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February 23, 2018 Strategic Meeting

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting

February 23, 2018

North Kansas City Hospital

Attendees: Carolyn Beard, Amy Choitz, Tiffanie Holman, Jennifer Newman, Tedd Walsh, Tricia Walsh, Snizhana Weber, Leann Dickson, Debbie Dorshorst, Sandy Abbott, Loretta Thomas


Meeting called to order at 1100 by President Tedd Walsh

January 2017 meeting minutes approved unanimously

Committee Reports / New Business:

  • Treasurer’s Report–Jennifer Newman

    • Tax documentation ready

  • Current Accounts:

    • Checking: $24,874.05

      • 30 registrations for conference

    • Savings: $14,0007.63

  • Education –Carolyn Beard

    • Spring Conference

      • All speakers confirmed and hotel booked

      • Hotel

        • 21 rooms left at this time

      • Vendors

        • 6 free vendors

        • Majority of vendors have signed up at $500 level

        • LSI, ScottCare, O2 Strap, Push Pedal Pull, and Pritikin have paid

      • Brochures went out 2/19/18

  • Student price: $20 (Graceland 4-5 attendees)

  • Basket raffle

      • Donate to Graceland students working for Guatemalan schools

  • Food

      • Dawnie taking care of from Hyvee

      • Possible sponsor from Mortara for social

  • Giveaways

  • (2) pulse oximeters

  • (2) stethoscopes

  • (1) AACVPR membership

  • Photography / Slides

    • Debbie will take pictures at conference

    • Dallas to prepare PowerPoint slideshow of vendors, upcoming dates, etc. to play during conference

  • Handouts

    • Speakers presentations due by end of March

    • Make 20-25 handouts to have available for purchase at conference

    • Will post handouts on website and email those registered

  • First time attendees

      • Pair attendee with board member in their area to answer any questions and be contact in future.

  • Communications/Website – Snizhana Hostyanska / Amy Choitz

    • Communications

      • Email reminders to register for conference

    • Website

      • If you have work ticket for Lane, please put your name on it. All requests are coming from MOKS email.

      • Add networking social and basket raffle to website

  • Standards & Issues – Debbie Dorshorst

    • Day on the Hill

      • Debbie, Snizhana, Leann, and Jennifer will attend

      • MO has 10 meetings lined up, KS has 6

      • Talking point: Reimbursement rate for new / relocated programs off campus

      • NP bill passed but doesn’t begin until 2024

  • Nominations—Amy Choitz

    • Nominations for Member of the Year needed

      • Send via email to Amy by March 15

      • Cannot be someone who has won in the last 3 years

  • Upcoming positions

    • Secretary 2018-2020—Tiffanie Holman

    • President 2018-2019—Amy Choitz

    • President Elect 2018-2019—Tedd Walsh

    • KS Member at Large 2018-2020—Loretta Thomas

    • MO Member of Large 2019-2021—Sandy Abbott

    • Treasurer 2019-2021—need to start training nominee now

    • Program Certification Chairperson—Carolyn Beard, Dallas Berry, and Jennifer Newman

    • Standards and Issues Chairperson—Debbie Dorshorst and Leann Dickson

    • Nominations Coordinator—Tricia Walsh

    • Membership / Communications / Website—Tricia Walsh and Amy Choitz

    • Education Committee Chairperson—Tedd Walsh and Carolyn Beard

  • Certification – Carolyn Beard

    • Recertification have been a challenge with new format

    • Outcomes spreadsheets are available on AACVPR website under “resources”

  • Committee Members

    • Those wishing to join a committee will need to apply yearly and will be selected by President, President Elect, and committee chair.

    • No limit on number of members

    • Board members can join committee without application process

    • Application process will begin in April

    • Announce new process at Spring conference

  • Joint Affiliate News

    • CR/PR weeks- February 11-17, March 11-17
    • Day on the Hill March 5-6
    • Affiliate Leadership Forum June 9-10. Downtown Chicago again

    • National conference—Sept 12-15 in Louisville, KY

    • AACVPR should advertise our conference as part of the joint affiliate agreement

  • Graceland Agreement

    • Conference will be held at Graceland next year free of charge

      • Offers: classrooms, auditorium, lobby / foyer, sim lab, buffet style lunch, grand staircase, housekeeping on site

      • Topic: On Track to Innovate

        • Hand out Save the Dates at 2018 Conference

  • Jefferson City Area Regional Meeting

    • No cost to attendees

    • One volunteer speaker then open network discussion

    • Held quarterly

    • No CEU’s

    • Provide meal that is donated

    • 2-3 hours total

    • 30-35 attendees

  • Outreach

    • Need to push KS area for AACVPR memberships/ certifications

      • Jennifer will send message to Barb Flato for recommendations

      • Send survey monkey to previous and current members to see if there is any interest in regional meetings

  • Reach out to ACSM

  • Bylaws

    • Motion made to combine Membership and Communication coordinator. Motion passed unanimously.

    • Motion made to change Reimbursement Contact to Standards and Issues Coordinator. Motion passed unanimously.

    • Jennifer will create an annual budget and present to board

    • Bylaws will be updated to reflect above changes

  • Review of Strategic Plan

    • Add:

      • Leadership Conference attendance by 2 members

      • (3) board members are on AACVPR certification committee

      • Applications for committee positions and selected by President, President Elect, and Committee chair

      • 1 year mentor for upcoming Treasurer

      • Strategic meeting held annually and progression of strategic plan discussed at monthly meetings

    • What would Lane charge to do a webinar for us?

    • Facebook live Q&A with “meet the board members and view their facilities”

    • Who is taking Janie Knipper’s place?

    • How can we help students?

    • Reach out to ACSM students

Next Board Meeting: March 13, 2018

Next Education Meeting: March 6, 2018

Minutes submitted by Tiffanie Holman