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March 13, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting

March 13, 2018

Attendees: Carolyn Beard, Amy Choitz, Leann Dickson, Debbie Dorshorst, Tiffanie Holman, Jennifer Newman, Tedd Walsh, Tricia Walsh, Snizhana Weber


Meeting called to order at 0700 by President Tedd Walsh

February 2017 meeting minutes approved unanimously

Committee Reports / New Business:

  • Treasurer’s Report–Jennifer Newman

    • Working on authorization of payments

    • Would like to make form for mileage that will calculate reimbursement

  • Current Accounts (statements sent via email)

    • Checking: $25,651.32

    • Savings: $14,0007.84

  • Education –Carolyn Beard

    • Spring Conference

      • 111 registered at this time. Will cap at 175.

      • Will need to arrange seating at venue to accommodate 175 comfortably

      • Board agreed that we will not allow videographer for Karen Collins

      • Carolyn will be emailing assignments

      • Will set date for 2019 conference at 4/3/18 meeting

      • Board members are to arrive at 2pm on Friday, April 20

  • Communications/Website – Snizhana Hostyanska / Amy Choitz

    • Pulmonary Rehab Week

      • Send any pictures to Tricia to post to Facebook

  • Program updates on website

    • Board agreed to update as we are aware of changes

    • Have form available at conference for any program changes that need made

  • Minutes

    • Should we post minutes to website?

      • Table for April meeting

  • Standards & Issues – Debbie Dorshorst

    • Day on the Hill

      • Debbie, Snizhana, Leann, and Jennifer attended

      • Meeting recaps sent via email

  • Nominations—Amy Choitz

    • Nominations for Member of the Year

      • Have been sent to Tedd and he will send out for voting

  • Upcoming positions beginning in April:

    • Secretary 2018-2020—Tiffanie Holman

    • President 2018-2019—Amy Choitz

    • President Elect 2018-2019—Tedd Walsh

    • KS Member at Large 2018-2020—Loretta Thomas

    • MO Member of Large 2019-2021—Sandy Abbott

    • Treasurer 2019-2021—need to start training nominee now

    • Program Certification Chairperson—Carolyn Beard, Dallas Berry, and Jennifer Newman

    • Standards and Issues Chairperson—Debbie Dorshorst and Leann Dickson

    • Nominations Coordinator—Tricia Walsh

    • Membership / Communications / Website—Tricia Walsh and Amy Choitz

    • Education Committee Chairperson—Tedd Walsh and Carolyn Beard

  • Certification – Carolyn Beard

    • Meeting this week

Next Board Meeting: April 10, 2018

Next Education Meeting: April 3, 2018

Minutes submitted by Tiffanie Holman