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May 14, 2015 Board Meeting

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting


May 14, 2015

Attendees:  Carolyn Beard, Debbie Hilton, Val Kirby, Carol Frazee, Jane Foresman, Amy Choitz, Susan Hansen, Snizhana Hostyanska, Leann Dickson, Trish Walsh.

Meeting called to order at 7:05 a.m. by President Carolyn Beard


  • Approval of April 2015 meeting minutes-approved as submitted
  • Slate of Officers:
    • President-Carolyn Beard
    • President elect-Amy Choitz
    • Past President-Leann Dickson
    • Secretary-Debbie Dorshorst
    • Treasurer-Tricia Walsh
    • Kansas Member at Large-Amy Choitz
    • Missouri Member at Large-Snizhana Hotyanska
    • Education-Tedd Walsh and Chuck Kitchen
    • Website-Debbie Hilton and Carol Frazee
    • Communications/Membership-Snizhana Hostyanska
    • Standards & Issues-Val Kirby
    • Certification-Debbie Dorshorst
    • Nominations-Amy Choitz

Treasurer’s Report – Susan

  • Board reviewed submitted April Conference budget report. Clarifications and corrections will be added and a revised final report submitted to the board.
  • Board reviewed current MOKS treasury balance:

Bank of America of   2,689.95 (checking only. Money market: $0)

Boone County Bank 38,025.97 (money market + checking)


  • After all checks have cleared the Boone County Bank, except check written 10/2014 for Wendy Schmidt refund, Susan will proceed and close the account at the Boone County Bank. She will transfer the balances from each account (checking & money market) at Boone County to the corresponding account at Bank of America. There was discussion re: whether money market account is best option due to low interest. Susan explained she has neither moved money out of the Boone County money market account nor added to it during her 2 years as treasurer and suggested a task for the next board to tackle could be liquid funds needed and better investment vehicles for the balance.
  • Note the above refund check   was for conference reimbursement (she was unable to attend after fees paid). Board unanimously agreed to stop services on this check (as it has been more than 6 months). The board will develop a refund policy. Carolyn will check with AACVPR’s refund policy. 
  • Carolyn/Tricia/Susan have a WebEx conference set up for June 2, 2015 at 7pm for handoff meeting.
  • Carolyn and Tricia will meet at BofA bank to become the signers on the Bank of America  accounts.
  • Susan suggested hand off of MOKS account be done at a separate time from Spring conference so that the proper education is provided and the appropriate board members can give this important function their full attention.
  • Susan suggested that the board consider not writing checks during the conference as it is very difficult to do all of the necessary verifications. It would not be an expectation to get paid at the conference, as long as it is done timely following the conference.

Committee Reports:

        Education – Tedd or Chuck not on this call.  Val/Ted are looking for a venue for next year’s conference


        Website –Debbie & Carol-New Pleth website contact – Travis.   Debbie H. will follow up with Travis members being unable to log into MOKS website.


        Communications/Membership – Snizhana will compare membership list with list fro Andrew. This has been completed. 


        Standards & Issues – Val K.- nothing to report at this time

        Certification – Debbie D. –nothing to report at this time


        Nominations – Amy C

Old Business – AACVPR joint-Amy to compare membership list.


New Business –  

1. Bylaws: Policy for voting by email – Leann

Example: The board has reviewed and approved the following by-laws changes.  Please review the changes below—we will be voting on these changes at our May meeting. 

Proposed by-law changes for the following purposes:

· Changed wording so approval of any board action requires half the board plus one (currently would be 6 members) regardless of number of board members present. 

· New wording added “ When urgency does not allow for a meeting, electronic communication may be used for voting with motion and results of voting recorded in the minutes of the next regular board meeting.”

  • Board unanimously approve “highlighted” wording above to be added to bylaws, Debbie Hilton will make changes. 

2.  Document Retention policy-Carolyn will check AACVPR policies on retention

3.  Conference Reimbursement policy-Carolyn will check AACVPR policies on conference reimbursement