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June 11, 2015 Board Meeting

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting

June 11, 2015

7:00 am

The meeting was called to order by President Carolyn Beard.

Attending Meeting:Susan Hansen, Carolyn Beard, Amy Choitz, Snizhana Hostyunka, Ted Walsh, Leann Dickson, Chuck Kitchen, Val Kirby, Debbie Hilton and Trisha Walsh.

Minutes reviewed from May and June 4th meetings. AmendedMay 2015board meeting minutes to change Amy to Snizhana that will compare membership list in the Old Business section of May Minutes and Ted asked for clarification of the electronic voting motion that was approved. The June 4, 2015 minutes were approved as written.  Motion made to approved above changes and motion passed.

Carolyn Reviewed the below:

Reviewed the below bylaws:

Attached are the revised bylaws from Feb, 2015

Section 3: Composition of the Board

  • The Association Board of Directors shall consist of the slated officers and appointed Chairpersons and Coordinators’.
  • The slated officer of the Association shall include President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and slated Members-at-Large, on representative from each state of Kansas and Missouri.
  • The following Chairpersons and Coordinators shall be appointed by the President of the Association; Education and Program Chairperson, Membership Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, Nominations Coordinators, Program Certification Coordinator, Reimbursement Contact and Website Coordinator.
  • Officers, Chairpersons, and Coordinators shall perform the duties of their position as prescribed by these bylaws.
  • Officer terms shall begin in coordination of the annual Education Meeting followed by a one to two month officer transition period

Section 7: Removal

Any slated officer may be removed at any time, with or without cause, by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors whenever, in its judgment, the interest of the Association would thereby best be served.

AACVPR bylaws can be located on the Home page under “About AACVPR” / Committees/ Committee Resource Page/ Bylaws.

Composition. The Board of Directors shall consist of twelve (12) members:

Officers – the President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, and

Treasurer who serve ex officio; six (6) Directors elected by the Regular Members

(the “Elected Directors”). One person, at the end of the second year of the

Treasurer’s term will be designated “Treasurer Elect”. The Treasurer Elect may be

chosen from the existing Board or from the general membership, nominated by the

President, approved by the Nomination Committee and BOD and must be ratified

by the membership; and one Director-at-Large appointed by the President

(Appointed Director). The Appointed Director serves at the discretion of the

President. The Executive Director serves as an ex-officio member, without vote.

From the May Minutes:

New Business –

1. Bylaws: Policy for voting by email – Leann

Example: The board has reviewed and approved the following by-laws changes.  Please review the changes below—we will be voting on these changes at our May meeting. 

Proposed by-law changes for the following purposes:

· Changed wording so approval of any board action requires half the board plus one (currently would be 6 members) regardless of number of board members present. 

· New wording added “ When urgency does not allow for a meeting, electronic communication may be used for voting with motion and results of voting recorded in the minutes of the next regular board meeting.”

  • Board unanimously approve “highlighted” wording above to be added to bylaws, Debbie Hilton will make changes. 


  1. Our bylaw revisions in February removed the Executive Board.
  2. The addendum to the bylaws from the May meeting only adds a statement about electronic communication.
  3. Our bylaws now do not mirror the AACVPR bylaws, are we okay with that?
  4. Tricia is the incoming treasurer.
  5. The handoff of the Treasurer position still needs to occur followed by a one to two month transition period.

Carolyn:  “We will now move forward with current board.”

Treasurer’s Report –Susan Hansen:  See attachments sent by Susan Hansen on Conference budget 2015, Boone County Bank statement, Treasurer Report of MOKSACVPR and Account Activity spread sheet.

  • Reviewed pending activity and fee statement including pending expenses for the AT Conference and Quick Books. 
  • Carolyn presented her expense to attend President Leadership Conference in June 2015.
  • Balance for Checking:  $39,172.65 (Bank of America)
  • Balance for Savings:  $1000.00  (Bank of America)
  • Boone County Bank Balance: $00.00
  • Total Holdings:  $40,172.65
  • Quick Book payment denied from Boone County Bank. Susan will change automatic payment to Bank of America.
  • No final letter yet received from Boone County Bank stating closure of account.  Susan sent another e-mail requesting letter today.
  • Quick Books will have to be completely set up correctly by Trisha. Everything is on Hold at this time.
  • Susan requested payment of flash drives to copy treasurer records to give to Trisha and another copy for her records. Trisha asked for an external hard drive instead. It was decided that Susan will copy files onto Flash drives now and an external hard drive can be discussed at a later date.
  • 2015 Conference Budget reviewed: Food cost more than planned.  See summary sent by Carolyn to Board.  Profit:  $3919.00 made this year.
  • Susan will not transition her position to Trisha until her name is officially off all accounts.
  • Carolyn, Trisha and Susan will work together for transition of position
  • This is the final Official Report from Susan Hansen as Treasurer.
  • Val: suggested the board minutes be sent to the bankand Susan reported she could not do this until June 22nd. Carolyn said she would be able to do this if Susan could not.  Susan reported she has followed the requirements by the banks to get all funds and information transferred to Bank of America and Boone County Bank accounts closed. 

Committee Reports:

        Education – Tedd:Locations for 2016 Spring Conference reviewed: Quotes:

  • KU Edwards Campus available for April 3 and 4th $2350.00 approx.  Able to bring in food catered by restr.of choice, Hotel close. Vendors space for approx. 11 and more in hallway if needed.  Capacity 350 attendees approx.
  • JCCC only open on Easter week-end  March 25 and 26th  $1800.00 approx.
  • Argosy   $6800.00 approx.  includes food and room
  • O. Park Convention Center:  $8000.00
  • Lawrence memorial Hospital:  Free, catered food available.  Capacity approx. 110 – 115 max. in theatre seating.

Ted will check with reserving KU Ed. Campus.

Next Ed. Meeting   July 7th, 2015.

        Website –Debbie H: Nothing at this time.

       Communications – Snizhana:

  • Requested access to Web site
  • Reviewed membership list and found 12 with different e-mails.
  • Andrew and her are working to clean up list

        Standards & Issues – Val K.

  • Meeting next week with J5Mac Committee
  • Senate bill in progress
  • Kansas members to send letter for support

        Certification – Debbie D.  (absent)  Carolyn: Reported that first review of applications is completed and waiting for second round with review of revisions.    

        Nominations – Amy C.    Amy reported the offices that will be open next year will be: President Elect, Secretary, and Kansas Member at Large.  Amy suggested for the officers holding those positions to be thinking of good possibilities to fill them.

Old Business –  occurred at the beginning of this meeting.

New Business –

  • It was moved and second that we pay for the $500.00 for the AACVPR Banquet table for this fall National Meeting. Motion carried
  • It was moved and Second that we pay for Carolyn’s Air Fare expense for the Leadership Forum. Motion carried
  • It was moved and second that we pay for the Flash Drives for Susan Hansen. Motion Carried.

   Carolyn reviewed the need for a policy on Document Retention.  She will look into the Missouri law for document retention and send information to the board to review.

  1. Document Retention policyexample : Please see attached and let Carolyn know if you have questions.

2.  Conference Reimbursement policy: see the below the AACVPR policy.  We want a policy for MOKSACVPR Spring Conference. After discussion with the board the motion was made to have a $30.00 non refundable fee for cancellations and a 30 day cut off for reimbursements.  Motion carried.

  1. The below liability policy is what AACVPR uses. We can choose to use their vendor or get our own quotes and insurance.  We will get $500.00 reimbursement from AACVPR.  Carolyn will talk with other members at the Leadership Forum and bring back more information about this opportunity.

AACVPR Registry:  Leann reported that AACVPR is putting together a mentor program to assist programs getting started with Registry.  They would like names of 3 programs that currently would like to be mentors for new programs and three names of programs that are just starting process from MOKSACVPR.  Web Blast will be sent out with Carolyn e-mail as contact name for programs to contact.

Next Board meeting July 9th 7:00 am.

Meeting adjourned