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May 14, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting

May 14, 2019


  • Sandy Abbott, Carolyn Beard, Amy Choitz, Leann Dickson, Debbie Dorshorst, Tiffanie Holman, Tedd Walsh, Tricia Walsh


Meeting called to order at 0700 by Tedd Walsh

April 2019 meeting minutes approved 


  • Tedd is new fellow for AACVPR—Congrats Tedd!

Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer’s Report–Tricia Walsh
  • Savings: $14,011.12, Checking: $24,242.31
  • Financial Report:  
    • Constant contact and AT conference due
    • $1000 deposit from Welch Allyn from 2018
  • Conference:  Jennifer Cochran, Quality Litho, and Overland Park Limo service to be paid
    • Tedd calling for 13-month statement from Quality Litho to reconcile with charges
  • Education –Carolyn Beard / Tedd Walsh
  • Conference:
    • Everything went well
    • Add conference address to brochure
    • Will plan to have one person in charge of travel arrangements and one person in charge of nursing CEU’s in the future
  • Education Committee:  If you would like to continue on the education committee, you will need to complete application at:   >   About   >   Volunteer Application
    • We did have some new people express interest in participating on committee.  Tedd will reach out to them to have them complete application. 
  • Communications—Tedd Walsh / Loretta Thomas
    • Tedd and Loretta will have phone conference to train Loretta on Constant Contact. 
  • Website – Amy Choitz 
    • Do we need attendees to sign media release?  What does national conference do?
    • Ideas for improvements to website for next conference:
      • Most registration issues came from email / user id problems. 
      • Some emails went to spam folder
  • Standards & Issues – Leann Dickson / Debbie Dorshorst
  • Next MAC meeting—May 22nd
  • Debbie may need moderators at conference.  She will let us know when she knows more. 
  • Nominations—2020 positions
    • KS Member at Large
    • Secretary
    • President Elect
  • Certification—Carolyn Beard
    • Application review process until May 31
      • Seems to be more lenient this year
      • Facility will be notified in August


  • Strategic Planning—add to monthly agenda

Board meeting:  June 11, 2019 at 0700

Education meeting:  TBA

Minutes submitted by Tiffanie Holman