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November 12, 2015 Board Meeting

MOKSACVPR Board Meeting


November 12, 2015

Board Members:

Present:  Carolyn Beard, Leann Dickson, Debbie Dorshorst, Amy Choitz, Debbie Hilton, Chuck Kitchen, Snizhana Hostyanska, Trisha Walsh, Val Kirby,


  • Meeting called to order at 7:00 a.m. by President Carolyn Beard


  • Approval of September meeting minutes- Motion made by Val Kirby, approved as submitted.
  • Treasurer’s Report (Trisha Walsh) – September report approved as submitted-Trisha pointed out the $29.95 October monthly banking fee, is we keep balance above $1500.00, we will not be charged this fee.
  • Bank of America Merchant Services-Andrea felt that OP Net was a good service, Clarent-we pay additional fees and the amount in the account fluctuates, 15-20 cents per transaction and 2% charge o top.   B of A Merchant Services we set up a 501 3C using the Name and address of the Treasurer we will not have to cover a minimum balance and there is a $10.95 a month fee.  Trisha will continue to research. 
  • Outstand issue with American Express still in Carol Frazee’s name, should be corrected. 

Committee Reports:

        Education – Chuck and Ted:

  • Conference:
    • Budget –Projected Income-$17,430, Projected Expenses $14,000.
    • Speakers-Need 2-3 more
    • Loose ends to tie up-renting tables, chairs, linens, projectors
    • Vendors-Would like more, still working on to help cover expenses
    • Raising price for attendees-Not this year, too many changes for members, look at fees for the conference for 2017 event

       Website –Debbie H.

  • Several members still having issues with logging in to website, usually for their worksite.  Many hospitals are updating their web browser, this make correct the issue.
  • Take the $30.00 membership off the website
  • Stop January automatic renewal on website
  • Snizhana will send the list of 62 names that are not our members to Debbie H. 

Web Blast – Amy

  • Will send web blast about finding the “N” for Cardiopulmonary Rehab

        Communications- Snizhana

  • Will start sending out quarterly newsletter

        Standards & Issues – Val

  • Sent out form letter a couple of weeks ago.  Please send to your representative to encourage sponsorship of House Bill.  The House Bill has 16 co-sponsors.   

        Certification –Debbie D.-Nothing to report            


       Nominations – Amy

  • Will send Nomination form out to board for approval
  • Nominations needed for 2016
    • President Elect
    • Secretary
    • KS member at large

Old Business   

  • D & O Liability Insurance-Carolyn
  • Paid-General liability policy, waiting for invoice

New Business – We need to begin to consider the member of the year award for 2016 conference.    

Adjourn: 7:55 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Debbie Dorshorst